Sunday, July 05, 2015

Research: Guest Authors Mel Bradshaw and Eileen Schuh

Where the heck would one look for a copy of the 1927 Criminal Code of Canada? Where would an author safely go to get the scoop on modern biker gangs? Find out on these two guest posts on KATY'S WORDS. 

Research Part 2, Subsection B: Guest Authors Mel Bradshaw and Eileen Schuh 

 Eileen Schuh,Canadian

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Imajin Books: 'Share the Imajin Books Buzz' contest

  Imajin Books: 'Share the Imajin Books Buzz' contest: July 1-31, 2015: Share our events on Twitter and Facebook, and share pics of our books on ereaders or you holding one, and receive entries into our Summer Sizzles Giveaway!

Grand prize winner: 12 free ebooks (winner’s choice). Plus 10 winners of
single ebooks
. Open to anyone 18+. Void where prohibited. Draw will
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Monday, June 15, 2015


You are invited...


Oh, yeah! It's that time of year again.

Imajin Books, publisher of THE TRAZ, THE TRAZ School Edition and FATAL ERROR)  is gearing up for its annual Summer Sizzles promotion.
THE TRAZ - an Imajin Books' Crime novel

Things really heat up with the Summer Sizzles facebook party on Sunday, July 12 from 4 - 8 pm PDT (7 - 11 pm Eastern).

Imajin Books publishes its fair share of crime/mystery novels and novellas. In addition to my gritty "Bikers vs Cops" BackTracker Series, there is Cheryl Kaye Tardif's Divine Series, crime solving with a paranormal element.

There's the popular A PURSE TO DIE FOR by Melodie Campbell and Cynthia St. Pierre.  Gloria Ferris' award-winning CHEAT THE HANGMAN. There's the DEADLY DOZEN bundle that contains twelve of Imajin Books' best thrillers. Luke Murphy's DEAD MAN'S HAND and many, many, more.

If you're a crime fiction fan, a crime writer, a crime fighter or a criminal--you may want to visit with those who spin these tales of terror and you can on Sunday, July 12, 2015 on facebook.

Here's the link for all the info. Summer Sizzle Facebook Party

You are invited to attend so visit the event page and click the join button so we know to expect you!

Who will all be there?

Almost the entire Imajin Books crew will participate, from publisher to editors to authors to cover designers, formatters....

Fans of Imajin Books' authors will be there, eager to ask their fave writers questions and offer support and compliments.

Crime Fiction fans.

Aspiring writers will be there, schmoozing with those in the industry, asking questions, giving answers.

Other authors will be there.

Family and friends will stop by.

People who like winning things will be there--there are always lots of giveaways.

Those who love drinking virtual margaritas on virtual sunny beaches will drop by. Don't worry, there will be free virtual taxi service for those who overimbibe! HA HA!

Come on over, join in the fun! If you've never attended a facebook party, this is the one to change that!

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Favourite literary legal scene

All of my novels contain some legal elements. The BackTracker series is chock-full of criminals and crime fighters and my latest release DISPASSIONATE LIES takes a look at the law in the near future.
However, my favourite legal scene is in my SciFI novella, SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT. While engaged in a heated custody battle over her dying daughter, Chorie tries desperately to find a lawyer who understands the fact she is caught in two vastly different universes.
“Do you have children?” Chorie asked.
“No. No, I don’t.”
“Is there someone else available who does have children?”
“I was trying to be gentle,” he said. “Put more bluntly, you don’t have a chance in hell of regaining custody.
“Why not?
“Because you’re crazy.”
My two SciFi novellas
"I’m not crazy!”
“You find a psychiatrist to back you on that and I’ll reconsider. In the meanwhile, take advantage of your visiting rights. Be with the child as often as you like. I give you that advice free of charge.”
“My rights?” Chorie leaned forward in her chair, put her fists on his desk, and slowly rose. “My husband is planning to move in with his secretary and I have the right to join them in their love nest, does that seem adequate ‘rights’ to you?”
She heard her voice rise, tremble, bounce off the walls. She knew it she was being inappropriate, but she couldn’t stop.
“I want to be with my daughter, day and night. Hear every whimper. Dry every tear. I want to cool her fevered forehead. Swab glycerine on her cracked tongue. I want to wipe the vomit from her lips. I want to sing her lullabies. I want to monitor her IV. I want to be holding her hand when she passes from this world. And, Mr. Strongberg…”
She leaned so far into him he was compelled to tip back his chair. “I sure as hell don’t want to be doing it in Deanna’s spare bedroom!” She inched closer and locked her eyes on his. She felt her breasts brush the folder of papers before him.
“Ma’am,” he said, finally shaking free of her gaze. “Please, sit. Please.” Chorie kept her eyes on his face as she slowly slumped into her chair. “Ma’am, like I said, if you can get someone to vouch for your sanity. In the meantime, I suggest you continue with your counselling--"
“Continue with my counselling?” Chorie interrupted. “My counsellor testified against me! I’d like to sue her for breach of confidentiality! She had no right to reveal the content of our sessions…”
“When a child is at risk, she not only has a right to, but has a legal and moral obligation to.”
“She said the child wasn’t at risk! She said I was no danger…”
“She was just being kind! If it were my child, I’d sure as hell be wondering who was looking after her while you were out meandering in alternate universes!”
“You don’t understand the true nature of time, do you? It’s not as if I divide my time between lives. Time is not linear; it’s multi-dimensional. Simultaneous, in a way. I’m not absent from one life while pursuing the other…”
“Listen!” Strongberg interrupted loudly. “Listen! This is irrelevant to the case! There is no way I’m arguing quantum physics or the nature of time before a judge in a court of law!”
He picked up his pen, pulled his chair forward, and lowered his voice. “Ma’am, even if I were to agree to do that for you, it sure as hell wouldn’t get you custody!

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Behind the uniform...

 Legalities and illegalities play big roles in all my novels. The BackTracker Series centers around the lives of a group of officers with the Northern Alberta Police Service. Although most are morally upright and very dedicated to their jobs, they are also emotional, vulnerable and human. In this scene from FIREWALLS Book 3 in the Series, young Constable Katrina Buckhold struggles with her romantic feelings for the much older Corporal Chad Leslie, a struggle so intense it eventually requires intervention from Calgary's men in blue.

Katrina & Chad
He didn’t even move when she wound up and tossed the wine at him. She flung the empty glass to the floor and half-rose from the bench. No longer feeling the need to whisper, she began to yell. “Why are you sitting here telling me this? Can’t you fucking leave me alone?” With one sweep of her hand, the crystal salt and pepper shakers joined the wineglass shards on the floor. By the time she decided to leave, the manager was at Chad’s side.
“Get her under control!” the guy demanded. “Or I’m calling the cops!”
“I can’t control her,” Chad said. “Do whatever you have to do.”
“Fuck you, Chad!” Katrina scrambled off the bench, cast the manager an apologetic glance and headed for the exit. She wasn’t sure if it was low blood sugar or emotional turmoil, but she had trouble getting her feet to take her where she wanted. It seemed she managed to knock something off every table she passed. When she finally got to the door, she fell into the arms of a uniformed police officer. The rough feel of the man’s jacket against her cheek reminded her of her father and she wrapped her arms around his waist and began crying.
“Take her to the car,” she heard the officer’s partner order. “I’ll check what’s going on inside.”
The cool evening air felt good and Katrina pulled away from the officer, tilted her head to the heavens, and felt the breeze brushing at her tears.
“You can wait in the car until my partner comes back,” the officer said, opening the rear door of the police cruiser.
“No, it’s okay. The fresh air feels good.”
“Are you old enough to have been drinking?”
“Yes, but I wasn’t drinking.”
“Weren’t drinking? Can I see your ID?”
Katrina rummaged in her vest pocket for her driver’s licence. “For fuck sake, where is it? I know I have it. I had to show it in there. I told the idiot I don’t drink, but he made me give it to him anyways. Idiot!”
She patted down her pant pockets and then tried her vest again and pulled it out. “Oh, it is here. Right where I put it. I always have it handy, you know. Because I’m always getting asked for it. People don’t believe my age. Some idiot in class today asked if I was finished high school for the summer! People are always saying I look older than I am.”

“Older?” the officer asked, shining his flashlight on her ID.
“Younger,” she corrected. “How old do you think I look?”
“Oh, I don’t think you look old.” He handed her the licence.
“That’s not what I meant!” Katrina felt tears gushing forth once again. “People are always taking my words the wrong way!”
“I understand what you meant. Just have a seat in the car. You’re a little unsteady on your feet.” Katrina took him up on the offer and he closed the door and then got in behind the wheel. “So, what happened tonight in there?” He nodded toward the restaurant.
“You ought to arrest him. He’s stalking me.”
“Who’s stalking you?”
“Chad. He’s a married man, fifteen years older than me, and he’s stalking me. He won’t leave me alone and it’s not even my birthday.”
“What do you mean that he’s stalking you?”
“He’s drives three hours one way to tell me his wife is screwing around on him. Why the fuck does he think I care? I don’t feel so good. Take me to the hospital.”
“Don’t you be getting sick back there!” the officer warned. “Why did you drink so much?”
“I didn’t drink. I never do. My mother was an alcoholic and her mother was, too. She died from it and then mom killed dad because she was driving drunk. I never drink. I’m not feeling good. At all, good. At all.”
“Do you have a medical condition?” the officer asked. “Epilepsy? Diabetes?”
“No, just shortness.”
“Shortness of breath?”
“No, just the regular-type shortness. Take me home, now. I think I’ll be okay if I can just sleep for a while.”
“Where’s home?”
“Three hours, that way.” She pointed around in a circle. “Which way is north? That way! Take me that way!”
“How can you say you don’t drink when you’re obviously intoxicated?”
“If I’m drunk, and I just might be, it kind of feels like the one time I drank. I was thirteen, you know, and my mom and dad both got killed and I drank a bottle of rye. A whole fucking bottle of Gibson’s Finest. That’s kind of how I feel. If I’m drunk, it’s because Chad spiked my drinks! You ought to arrest him for that. That’s not legal you know.”
“Chad spiked your drinks?”
“He must have, if I’m drunk. Because I was drinking Caesars. I thought I was. It’s what I ordered. Virgin Caesars, you know, like no alcohol.”
The other officer climbed into the front seat and Katrina couldn’t make out the words that passed between them.
“We’ll take you down to the station to sober up,” the younger officer offered.
“No,” Katrina moaned. “I have an idea, take me to my hotel. It’s closer than my home. Not such a long drive for you.”
“I can’t do that,” the officer explained. “The waiter claims you assaulted him. He wants to press charges.”
“Assaulted him?” Katrina wailed.
“Says you threw a wineglass at him. Cut his leg.”
“No, No. I didn’t do that,” Katrina protested. “Where’s Chad? He can tell you I didn’t do that! I wouldn’t throw something at a waiter! No!” The cop car pulled away from the curb. “Oh, fuck.” Am I in trouble now.

“I can promise you Katrina will get under your skin and into your heart.”

"FIREWALLS takes you on a journey and leaves you to clean up your own mess.”

 "Schuh is raw, she's real, and she packs one hell of a punch." 

 "A tale of comfort and hope that we, too, can slay our own dragons." 

 "A gritty, fast paced thriller."